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Elin Bjorsvik's Logo - Paintings for sale direct from the artist
My artistic vision is to create images that deal with the interaction between reality and imagination

Commissioning a Painting

There is something very special about owning a unique, original painting, and commissioning is great if you've got something special in mind, but can't find an artwork to match your idea. The commissioning process allows you to become engaged with the design and work with the artist to bring your idea to reality.

How It Works - Process for Commissioning Artworks

Commissioning an artist to create a unique painting is probably much easier than you think. Below is an outline of my commissioning process and some simple steps to follow.

1) Contact me
You can contact me using my Contact Form. I will be happy to discuss all your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

2) Consultation
The next step is to have a consultation (either by email or phone) discussing different aspects of the commission including painting size, shape, colours as well as deadline and pricing of the project.

*Let me know if your budget is tight as I may be able to find ways of decreasing your costs.

* I also accept payment in instalments so please feel free to discuss different payment options with me.

3) Quote/Contract
After our consultation, I’ll provide you with a contract which will include our agreed timescale, costing as well as delivery details. This quote will be an in-depth explanation of what you should expect from me and the commission.

4) Deposit
I’ll ask you to pay a small deposit before I start your painting, usually 25% of the full amount, which I will invoice once you have approved the contract. I accept payments via PayPal which enables you to pay by credit card, debit card, or bank account.

5) Work Begins
I'll start working on your painting and you'll be provided with regular updates. I'll also send you a final image of the painting for your approval. (You can view work in progress either online or by email).

6) Finished Artwork
I will contact you when the painting is finished and arrange for shipping in addition to providing you with an invoice for your painting (agreed price minus your 25% deposit)

Commissioning a painting can be very exciting and rewarding experience. It's a unique opportunity to interact with the artist and create something special to fit your criteria and budget. I hope this outline has provided some insight into the process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any additional questions.

About the Artist

Photo of Elin Bjorsvik - visual artist, London, UK

Elin Bjorsvik is a London based artist, painter and printmaker, originally from Norway.

Read Elin's Artist Statement


Commmission your portrait - different sized and mediums

Commission your very own portrait, an unique piece of art. Choose from different sizes, created with either pencil, acrylics or pastels.

Visit Elin's Portrait page for more info.

Acrylic paintings

Paintings created with acrylics have a fantastic brightness which make colours appear more vivid, resulting in a remarkable three-dimensional effect. These original paintings do not require any additional framing and the canvas is about 38mm deep.

Elin's paintings are all painted on box canvas with acrylic paint. These are original works of art (and therefore more expensive than posters, prints or commercially printed canvases).

As this is original paintings, there will only be one piece of each painting availble for sale


Contact Elin using from the contact page
Consultation will be arranged between the artist & the client either by email or by studio visit
Agreed contract (timescale, costing and delivery details)
Depsit payemt which is 25% of the full amount payable in advance
Viewing of work in progress either online or by studio visit

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