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My artistic vision is to create images that deal with the interaction between reality and imagination

About Elin Bjorsvik

When I am not painting, I spend my time reading, thinking, writing, walking, socialising with friends & family, visiting art galleries, taking photos of nature and watching films & documentaries.

Photo of Elin Bjorsvik Hello, I am Elin, a London based artist with an exciting and original collection of abstract paintings in my online gallery. All my contemporary paintings are handmade, painted in acrylics and are unique works of original art for sale. My painting collection includes abstract paintings in various colours and sizes that can be purchased directly from my website.

I was born in Norway where I grew up and lived on a small island outside the town of Bergen. Growing up in the beautiful Norwegian countryside inspired me from an early age to create drawings and paintings of trees and the forest, often with mountains and fjords in the background.

After high-school I did a foundation course in arts and design in Bergen where I was taught everything from painting to ceramics. During this time I developed a great interest for both painting and printmaking, though after the foundation course, I went on to further education and spent a year focusing on drawing, illustration and graphic design.

In 1994, I decided I was ready for new adventures so I moved to Scotland to study fine art for four years. My main focus during my years of study was printmaking, and I developed valuable skills in subjects like etchings, lithographs, monoprints & screen-printing. My favorite printmaking processes was collagraphs and etchings so my degree show ended up being a selection of prints where I focused on combining these two processes with a Nordic subject theme. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Robert Gordon University in 1998.

I decided to move to London straight after finishing my degree course as I was very fascinated by the prospect of living and working in one of the greatest art capitals in the world. I was lucky enough to land my first solo show there, which opened just a few months later in the Norwegian Seamen's Church in East London. I loved working with my prints during this period and became a member of several printmaking workshops in London where I also met other artists and printmakers. I continued developing my printmaking skills until 2000, when my desire to paint took over and I started to experiment with acrylics and collage on paper.

In 2003, I decided to take a break and travelled to California where I spent 3 months painting and visiting galleries. I found the very strong and vibrant colours used by artists residing by the Pacific Ocean extremely fascinating, and it inspired me to take a closer look at how I was using colours in my own work. This energetic use of colour, especially blue, is something which is still influencing my work today.

When I returned from the USA, inspired by all I had seen, I wanted to start painting on canvas instead of paper so I became a member of Wimbledon art studios where I continued developing my work for the next four years. It was during this time I my interest in creating more three-dimensional paintings came into being.

I later moved to an art studio near Chelsea Bridge where I continued working and expressing myself through art and painting for another few years before the studio complex had to make way for new developments. I decided at this point to moved my studio to my home in South London where I am still painting today.

During my time here in London I have had several exhibitions in the UK, both group and solo shows. My last solo exhibition was in Cork Street, Mayfair.

My recent work is an exploration of form, colour and composition intending to create a feeling of another dimension in my paintings. Sculptural and geometrical modelled shapes are composed into three-dimensional abstract landscapes and spaces; representing gateways that quietly communicating the need for balance, harmony and serenity.

My paintings were also featured in a short film called Ashes 2 Ashes and my work has been sold to clients and collectors in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and USA.

I draw my inspiration and influences from artists such as Mondrian, Vasarely, Anuszkiewicz, Riley's, MirĂ³, Johns, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Pollock, Magritte, Picasso and Dali as well as being fascinated by movements and periods relating to Cubism, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Abstract Expressionism, Kinetic Art, Op art, surrealism and minimalism. I am also interested in nature, landscapes, the sea, trees, forest, interior design, comic books, ancient history, philosophy, technology and colour theory.

My paintings are all authentic and original pieces of art. I paint daily, work hard, and put great deal of thought and care into each one of my artworks. Each painting can take many days to create (even the smaller ones), as I build up the image with many thin layers of paint in order to create depth and a 3D effect. Additional information about commissioning and buying my paintings can be found by visiting my Purchasing page

My main focus at the moment is commissions from private and corporate clients as well as developing new works for future exhibitions.

About the Artist

Photo of Elin Bjorsvik - visual artist, London, UK

Elin Bjorsvik is a London based artist, painter and printmaker.

Creator of unique and original art for sale

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Commmission your portrait - different sized and mediums

Commission your very own portrait, an unique piece of art. Choose from different sizes, created with either pencil, acrylics or pastels.

Visit Elin's Portraits page for more info.

Acrylic paintings

Paintings created with acrylics have a fantastic brightness which make colours appear more vivid, resulting in a remarkable three-dimensional effect. These original paintings do not require any additional framing and the canvas is about 38mm deep.

Elin's paintings are all painted on box canvas with acrylic paint. These are original works of art (and therefore more expensive than posters, prints or commercially printed canvases).

As this is original paintings, there will only be one piece of each painting availble for sale

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I hope you all enjoy my paintings and looking around my website. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries or would like help choosing a piece of artwork.

My paintings are also available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis.

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